BlackBerry Priv … Finally!

 My new BlackBerry Priv!!!

Finally, the BlackBerry Priv was released this week. It’s the first BlackBerry device running android, with the full BlackBerry keyboard that we learned to love ages ago.

I’ve been waiting ages for this phone! Seriously, like since I left my BlackBerry Curve for the Nexus One.  On 5 Jan 2010.

I’ve only had it for a half a day … but so far, I’m very impressed.

Some highlights:

  • Scrolling with a touch sensitive key board is refreshing. I was getting frustrated by accidentally “hearting” tweets as I was just scrolling, or accidentally triggering links on web pages. I love the fact that I can scroll now without touching the screen itself. It also feels like I have more real estate, even though the screen is about the same size as my Note II.
  • Setup was so easy. In less than 15 minutes or so, I was fully transitioned over with all my core apps: banking, multiple gmail accounts, BBM, weather, slack, google maps & directions, google authenticator, WordPress, and all of the security policies required for work. It’s pure & perfect android. Everything just worked.
  • Gosh dang that keyboard. It’s good to be back. Having keys just brings a level of confidence for me that I just don’t think I’ll ever have with a virtual keyboard. The Priv also has a virtual keyboard (and it seems decent), but I haven’t used it, so TBD.
  • Micro USB. Came home and hooked the Priv into the charging cables I already had laying around. There is something awesome about standardized hardware.
  • I really can’t find anything wrong with it yet. Battery life, TBD. The power button is on the left side, and I’m used to it being on the right side. It has some lenses on it, so I figure it can probably take pictures or something?

We’ll see if the market acknowledges the device. I hope it does, because I think if BlackBerry is confirmed here with android, they’ll do even more awesome stuff. Here’s to hoping!

Bones Brigade

I remember, I was super thin, and I was falling apart in school, ’cause I really didn’t care anymore, and I remember he [dad] couldn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t acting out … you don’t do that in the house, you don’t do that … but the thing is, is I was withered in a way you could not control. And I was spinning. I remember the teachers and stuff … going to counseling, and they were like “we dont’ know what’s wrong. Something is wrong at home … eat.”

My dad is not some evil man – he was trying to do the best he could for what he had, with what he had, with me. But those are those formative years, teenager, when things start to hurt, in a different way. When I found skateboarding, it was the first thing I loved. I mean, I loved it. And it being pulled away from me, hardened something inside of me … where nothing mattered.

Everything I am today somehow, is probably fed by my need for acceptance. With my dad that’s not necessarily the acceptance sons are hoping for, you know … of it’s good you did this but do you get the point you are dominating something that really doesn’t matter? Apply yourself to something meaningful. But because of Tony [Hawk] and [Steve] Caballero and these guys, that gave me a sense of acceptance and belonging that was reciprocated and bounced back and churned in synergistic way.

And that’s what created the Bones Brigade.

–Rodney Mullen
Bones Brigade: An Autobiography (Netflix)

On Conor & UFC 189 …

And so here’s the thing about Conor McGregor, and fighters like him…it’s our gullibility that is always at stake. That’s what’s fun. We know we’re either being fools to believe in him (like he believes in him), or we think we’re too smart to fall for that. In any case, that’s a good dynamic, having your powers of perception played with so freely. That’s why people seek to monetize their hunches through gambling.

Good way to describe gambling from the MMA Fighting blog. It’s obviously intuitive, but … watching Conor’s display brings an uncanny sense of reality to this characterization.