John Muir Trail

The JMT.

The John Muir Trail.

A total hike of 210.4 miles. Starting from Yosemite Valley (Happy Isles), summiting Mt. Whitney 210.4 miles later (or vice versa).


How has this been in my backyard all my life (literally), and I’ve not heard of it?

Of course I’ve heard of John Muir. I’ve lived most most formative years in a small town named Visalia (after being born in Dinuba). We looked up at at Mt. Whitney every day. And, as kids, we even attended 6th grade summer camp at Scicon in the John Muir wilderness.

After my family moved out of the valley … where did we move? To the higher Sierras. At that point, I was looking out over Jose Basin and the Minarets on a DAILY basis.

I’ve been staring at the JMT my entire life. Yet, I’ve never experienced it. I feel like I’m being called.


One thought on “John Muir Trail

  1. I’ve hiked some portions of the JMT when I was a volunteer ranger in Yosemite. One really nice stretch I liked was hiking from Mammoth/Devils Post Pile area into Thousand Island Lake ( mmm salad dressing ) which has amazing views of banner and ritter peaks. I did that hike in late October and didn’t see a single other person.

    Love it so much down there in the high Sierra… such an amazing place.

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