The Kick

I’ve developed many thoughts on the sport of triathlon over the last couple of years, especially as it relates to the swim portion of the sport.  I’ll fit some of that in another post at some point.  But triathletes for the most part, I feel, straight up ignore kicking skills when swimming.  “You must save your legs for the bike and run,” is a common line spoken by age groupers.

It’s total BS.

After swimming with my local masters team for nearly a year, I’ve been forced to learn how to kick efficiently.  Actually, I’ve been forced to do everything related to swimming more efficiently.  And masters don’t do it pansy-like; the average meet is 3,000 yards (nearly two miles!).  Do that daily and then complain about an ironman distance swim of 2.4 miles.  I can’t recommend masters programs enough.  Find the team in your area and start going, at any age.  My favorite lane partner is in her 60s!! (and her freestyle base is a 1:40/100m!!!!).

Anyway … after getting my a** handed to me on kick sets time and time again, I went hunting for some tips.  Overnight, this playlist changed my kick game.

Video 1: Propulsion

Video 2: Lift

Video 3: Stabilize

Video 4: Inertia

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