Pleasanton Ridge x2

After seeing the awesome trails (and 15%+ climbs) at Pleasanton Ridge yesterday, I unracked my cyclo-cross bike (a Specialized Tricross).  A cyclo-cross bike is basically a road bike but has bigger tires and bigger brakes and stuff.  Basically, it’s a mountain bike that’s been optimized for the road.  Anyway – hooked it up with some new pedals (which had been stripped and redeployed to its brother, my Specialized Allez), strapped on some new treads, and added a rear rock-to-ass protector.


After that, I took a quick ride on the trails to make sure everything was set.  I was blown away at some of the climbs (literally too steep to ride, and I need more fitness).  There had to be some 30% climbs!!!  I knew I still had to ride home, so I tapped, vowing to return, shaking my fist at the mountain.

Quick elevation profile – climbed 1,010ft in a little less than 2 miles.  Insanity.





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