Galaxy Note II Screen Replaced!

A couple of weeks ago, my wife’s galaxy note II (which is 2 or 3 months old), decided to come flying out of her purse, land on the asphalt, and shatter its face!!

Screen FUBAR

Given the phone was close to $300, UNDER UPGRADE, I just saw dollar signs when I saw the screen.  A replacement out of plan is near $800!!  After suggesting maybe having to revert to the old Atrix 4G or getting a different (i.e. cheaper) phone  … we ruled out those options.  I also have the GNII, and I’ll say that after using it for just a week, it’s nearly impossible to even look at a smaller phone.

A quick google search rendered some cool youtube videos with various tutorials on replacing the screen.  Looked fairly simple to do – so figured I’d take a crack at fixing the screen.   Found a screen kit on Amazon for about $20.  The only other tool I didn’t have was a heat gun (the epoxy or glue loosens up around 180 degrees F).  So that was another $30 from Amazon.

Start to finish – took just over an hour.  And the phone is back to new!  Here are some pics I took throughout the process.  Soup-to-nuts, about $50 and an hour’s time.  I’ll take it!

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