Stava Rapha Festive 500, Day 4 – Tour de Tracy


Well that was a bit of a long day.  But still awesome.  Random thoughts from the ride:

  • The climb over Tesla is awesome – doesn’t feel like much of a climb.  Only hits maybe 9/10% in a brief spot or two.
  • The Tesla decent towards 580 is amazing!  Has to be the steepest decent in the area, short of maybe Diablo.  Then it hits this epic 1 to 2% decline for what seems forever.  You can just pump away at a good clip all the way to 580; seriously – like over 10 miles.
  • The east-side climb of Patterson Pass seems significantly tougher than the west side approach.  And it feels longer, so much longer.
  • The wind and long boring stretches in Tracy are demoralizing.  By far, the low point of the route.
  • This is about as long as I’ll ever ride I think (except if I ever train for an ironman); while I felt decent the entire time, all my devices started dying!  Solid 5 hours out there is tough on battery juice.
  • Views from the top of Patterson’s pass are great – here is a short vid.  The video quality doesn’t do it justice; the camera isn’t picking up on the perspective or magnitude of the scenery.  Must see in person.

That’s it – day 5 is an off day!  I’m zonked!

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