Strava Rapha Festive 500, Day 3, Tour de Tri-Valley


The roads for the first 8 miles or so were not so good (I went counter clockwise on the map).  Very narrow and plenty of cars.  Just as I was saying to myself, “WTF did you get yourself into,” I saw another cyclist and didn’t feel so bad.  Not a recommended route.

Cold and super windy pretty much sums it up. And the sky looked like it just wanted to unleash fury at any second.  So glad I didn’t have to deal with freezing rain or hail.

Definitely over the hump in soreness.  That pain in my knee vanished about half-way through today. Minor saddle discomfort, but, totally bearable.

Also enjoying riding with my Joule 2.0 power meter (and CycleOps power hub).  I’ll blog on that later.

Day 4, Tour de Tracy: bring it!

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